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About Us



The Lanterman Coalition consists of major stakeholders in California's community based developmental services system. Membership in the coalition requires a commitment to: (1) the preservation of the Lanterman Act and the entitlement*; (2) guarantee full access to services and supports critical to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families; (3) ensure that each person’s chosen goals and objectives drive service selection and delivery; (4) ensuring a service system with no enrollment caps or waiting lists; and (5) full support of the Olmstead decision and the community imperative**, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the civil rights of individuals with I/DD. 

* It is through the IPP procedure that the right the Act grants to each person with a developmental disability and the obligation it imposes on the state are implemented; through it, the developmentally disabled person on an individual basis receives, as an entitlement, services that enable him to live a more independent and productive life in the community.
(ARC v DDS). 

** In fulfillment of fundamental human rights and in securing optimum developmental opportunities, all people, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, are entitled to community living.